Economic Update: Employer Vs Employee - Capitalism's Endless Conflict

Daniel Niswander
Informational Talk Show
Economic Update: [S9 E14] Employer VS Employee: Capitalism's Endless Conflict THIS WEEK'S TOPICS (w/timestamps): 00:56 - Updates on the Los Angeles strippers’ strike; 02:34 - Trump failure to end the U.S. trade deficit; 04:57 - UN reports on protests against capitalist driven inequality and the governmental repression of those protests; 06:05 - the tragic social effects of the closure of GM’s Lordstown, Ohio factory; 07:42 - and the reduction of bank regulations after 10 years of massive bank misdeeds by Trump and FED; 10:34 - announcements. 15:16 - SPECIAL GUEST: Prof. Wolff interviews journalist Bob Hennelly on underpaid EMTs and the right-wing hostility toward the Green New Deal's proposal for a universal right to a job.

Economic Update: Employer Vs Employee

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