Who We Are

Since 1983, Pasadena Media, a 501(c)3 nonprofit benefit corporation has inspired dialogue, fostered freedom of expression and continues to bridge diverse communities. Our purpose is to promote, coordinate, facilitate, produce and assist public service programming on behalf of all four public and community access television channels:
KPAS – City of Pasadena’s Government Access
Arroyo – Pasadena Community’s Public Access
KLRN – Pasadena Unified School District’s Educational Access
PCC TV – Pasadena City College’s Educational Access
We also operate Pasadena’s community media training center and television studio.
At times, we may be referred to as Pasadena Community Access Corporation (PCAC), a municipal operating company for the City of Pasadena, California. Now, we do business as Pasadena Media.

Meet Our Team

George Falardeau

George Falardeau

Executive Director CEO

Chris Miller

COO / Arroyo Channel Manager

Bobbie Ferguson

Head of Production

Aaron B. Wheeler

Head of Community Development

Liza Rodriguez

Office Administrator

Jarred Hodgdon

Studio Coordinator

Alex Orellana

Studio Coordinator

Hannah Ramirez

Studio Coordinator

Joe Carbonetta

Technical Support Engineer

Kevin Bruce

Production Technician

Danny Hesse

Production Technician

Charles Winners

Production Technician

Board of Directors


District 2 Representative

Sally Howell

Board Vice President / Dist. 7 Rep.

Gail Schaper-Gordon

Board Treasurer / Mayor Rep.

Lisa Derderian

City Manager Rep. / KPAS Channel Manager

Alexander Boekelheide

PCC Rep. / PCC TV Channel Manager

Beth Leyden

Board Secretary / PUSD Rep. / KLRN Channel Manager

Ann Marie Hickambottom

District 1 Representative

Robert Oltman

District 3 Representative

Perry Helm

District 4 Representative

Yuny Parada

District 5 Representative

Ken Chawkins

District 6 Representative

Current Agenda

20190604_PCAC Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Current Packet

20190604_PCAC Board Packet

Citizens Advisory Committee

Phil Hopkins

CAC Chair

Geoffrey Baum

Ann Erdman

Robert Gorski

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater

Barry Gordon

Mic Hansen

Diana Peterson-More

Roberta Martínez

Alfred Moses

Jan Sanders

Tom Selinski

Ishmael Trone

Sheryl Turner

Tim Winter

Current Agenda

20190327_PCAC CAC Regular Meeting Agenda