Technical Standards: Pasadena Media does not pre-screen content cablecast on the Arroyo channel. Community Producers are responsible for audio and video levels conforming to Arroyo channel standards. There should be no audio or video dropouts and video levels must not be too low (dark) or too high (hot), among other standards. While Pasadena Media staff strives to help Producers ensure that their programs meet technical standards, we cannot watch all four channels 24 hours a day. If you notice substandard quality during a program, we appreciate your feedback so that we may rectify the situation for future airings.

Programming Guidelines:
Pasadena Media will strongly uphold every individual’s and organization’s right to free speech. Content prohibited from appearing on our channels are those outlined here or as stated by law.

(i) Advertising, solicitation for funds:
No form of commercial content is allowed on The Arroyo Channel. Programs may not mention prices, or invite the viewer to visit a commercial establishment. Programs may not solicit funds in any way or ask for donations for anything. If commercial content is questionable, Producers are advised to err on the conservative side and ask a staff member for guidance.

(ii) Gambling, Lotteries, Games of Chance

(iii) Unauthorized copyrighted material:
Producers are asked to be mindful of the use of anything printed, published, produced or otherwise created by another party without prior consent. Programs may not contain any material or elements that violate or otherwise infringe on another party’s copyright. It is the sole responsibility of the Producer to obtain the necessary license or permission to use any such material.

(iv) Defamation or libel, obscenity, materials deemed harmful to minors:
Producers may not violate local state or federal laws or statutes that regulate defamation or libel, obscenity.

While programs containing prohibited content may not be cablecast, those with potentially objectionable content may be played with certain constraints. Pasadena Media requires that Producers provide notice to cable viewers in the event that their program contains potentially objectionable content. Potentially objectionable content can include, but is not limited to profane language, nudity, extreme physical violence or degradation and graphic depiction of medical procedures.

If it is decided that any program has controversial content or content suitable for adults only, or generates complaints from the public, staff may require a Producers to add the following disclaimer credit at the beginning and end of the program: “The views expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect those of the Arroyo channel, Pasadena Media, PCAC, the City of Pasadena, or this channel’s distributors. Viewer discretion is advised.” Responsibility for including the viewer advisory rests with the program’s Producer or sponsor. Staff may also schedule the program to a more appropriate time, “safe harbor” between midnight and 5:00 am.