Current Operations

In-studio productions and editing bay reservations are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As always, reservations are available on a “first come, first served” basis. Studio productions are limited to what we call “Hot Set Productions”. A standard set, which will be sanitized between each use, with locked-down cameras can be used with one or two people on set. Host and guest must remain at least six feet apart while filming. Up to two crew members will be allowed in the control room.
We will continue virtual productions when requested and all training will continue to be conducted online. Reservations for curbside checkout of field production equipment will also continue for pick-ups and drop-offs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
Of course, safety is our top priority. All visitors to the studio must continue to adhere to public health safety measures. Temperature checks will be conducted when entering the facility. Masks must be worn at all times when not on set. We have provided floor markings to ensure physical distancing can be maintained throughout your visit. We also encourage visitors to utilize the provided sanitizing stations and sink frequently to keep hands and surfaces clean. 
Thank you for your continued support. We’ll see you at the studio!

COVID-19 Hot Set Productions

Crew Members:
One or two people consisting of a PM Studio Coordinator and/or approved production volunteer(s)
Live-to-Drive or Live-to-Edit Production Types:
  • Single Speaker
  • One Host and In-Studio Guest interview 
  • No live studio audiences or musical performances 
Pre-production Report:
When a show is requested, the producer will meet virtually with staff for pre-production one week prior to the production date. Producer must submit a final pre-production report, which cannot be deviated from.
Digital Media Assets for Production (Must Be Provided In Advance):
  • Opening title slate or video opening 
  • Lower third with the name of the host and/or guest
  • Episode credits information
Studio Production Set Options:
  • Three locked-down cameras (no operators)
  • The podium and the table/desk are the only set pieces available
  • Set background – green screen, black curtain, or grey curtain (When using the green screen, producer can either edit in post or provide one background in advance.)
All members and guests must comply with Pasadena Media’s rules, regulations, and COVID-19 safety protocols at all times. To submit a reservation request, email studio[AT]pasadenamedia[DOT]org or call 626-794-8585.