When visiting us, there are many options for parking your vehicle so we have made the following guide and map to help you decide what fits your needs best.
If you are producing a show here or are volunteering for a show that is scheduled for longer than two hours, you may check out a Parking Pass valid for the Christian Science Church lot on the northwest corner of El Dorado St. and Oakland Ave. These passes are valid all day, but must be returned when you leave to avoid a $75 replacement fee. We have a very limited number of these passes, so it is important to know the other options in the area.
You may want to consider parking on one of the streets with two hour parking. If you stay longer than two hours, be sure to move your car more than one block from its location and to a differently named street to avoid receiving a $46.90 ticket. The same goes for one hour street parking. These parking areas are typically enforced until 6pm. There are exceptions for many areas during certain times of the day or days of the week, so make sure to read parking signs carefully. In addition, there are some one and two hour metered parking spaces on streets to the west of us that are enforced until 8pm.
There are five spaces reserved right next to our building on El Dorado St. for vehicles displaying disabled parking placards or plates. There is also one 15 minute loading space right outside our door on El Dorado St. that should be utilized when bringing in set pieces. You must inform us of set pieces that you will be bringing when you book your reservation so that we may help you determine how to get them in the building.
  • CA – Carousel Custom Floors Lot – <2 hours $3, 2-4 hrs $4, 4-10 hrs $5
  • CC – Convention Center Garage – $10 up to 16 hours
  • D – Diamond Surface Lots – $6, only available after 5pm M-F and weekends all day
  • HI – Hilton Garage – $1.50 per 15 minutes, $15 daily maximum
  • IG – Imperial Garage – $1.50 per 20 minutes, $12 daily maximum
  • IS – Imperial Surface Lot – $1.50 per 20 minutes, $12 daily maximum, $6 flat rate if in before 10am
  • PC – Paseo Colorado Garages – $1.50 per 30 minutes, $9 daily maximum
  • PH – Playhouse Lot – $1.50 per hour, $7 daily maximum

We hope you find this guide useful. While we have carefully documented the nearby parking options, they may change without our knowledge. Be sure to read all posted information when parking your vehicle.