Alliance for Community Media 2019: Plenary - What Can We Learn from Engagement Journalism?

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One of the most interesting developments in journalism in the last few years has been a turning toward audience as collaborators and co-creators. Broadly defined as “engagement journalism”, we are seeing a host of experiments to break down walls between creators and audiences to build lasting relationships and different relationships between people and media institutions. The effort may seem like “Back to the Future” for some people in community media – which theoretically is devoted to meeting the information needs of local audiences. That said, what can we learn, adopt or work with in this growing field? Are there willing collaborators in the field who want to “dance” with community media groups? Join us for a discussion of what’s possible. Moderated by Mike Wassenaar, ACM President & CEO SPEAKERS: - Andrew DeVigal is an Emmy-award winning visual storyteller and innovative strategist who builds bridges by connecting ideas and people together to produce meaningful, interactive, and engaging stories. He is the associate director of the Agora Journalism Center, the gathering place for innovation in communication and civic engagement, at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism & Communication. - Jesse Hardman is the founder and director of the Listening Post Collective, a national community journalism project run by the INGO Internews. Hardman reports for NPR and various print outlets, and helps run the L.A. based youth led community news outlet Boyle Heights Beat. - Andrea Faye Hart is a media-based organizer, social entrepreneur and interdisciplinary educator. Andrea is a Co-Founder and the Director of Community Engagement for the Chicago-based journalism lab City Bureau. Since 2011 she has designed civic journalism projects for media outlets as well as leading youth media organizations.

ACM 2019: What Can We Learn from Engagement Journalism?

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