Economic Update: Police And Policing In The U.S.

Daniel Niswander
Informational Talk Show
Economic Update: [S9 E06] Police and Policing in the US THIS WEEK'S TOPICS (w/timestamps): 00:52 - Updates on the public education crisis (teacher strikes, declining quality, insufficient resources); 02:34 - and how it undermines the economic future of the U.S; 08:27 - and the absurdity of the government shutdown over an ineffective wall and a tiny portion of the government's budget.; 13:39 - announcements. 15:00 - SPECIAL GUEST: Interview Professor Alex Vitale about his book, The End of Policing, as they discuss how and why police in the U.S. have grown and changed their functions so drastically in recent decades.

Economic Update: Police & Policing In The US

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