The Nowman Show: Bernie Sanders - We Are The 99 Percent

Daniel Niswander
Informational Talk Show
In this unique production with visuals of his life story and more, 2020 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to an enthusiastic crowd of thousands in Santa Monica, California on June 26th, 2019 discussing many topics. The topics range from Medicare For All to a wide variety of environmental, economic, social, and racial justice issues that have been his life's work for decades. He also continues to talk about creating an Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st century and a political revolution which is really about the masses of people standing up for ideas that aren't really radical yet are now popular with millions of Americans in 2019. The TV episode is produced in a unique podcast style. The first speaker is former Ohio state Senator and President of Our Revolution Nina Turner and the Senator is introduced by his wife Dr. Jane Sanders.

Nowman: Bernie Sanders – We Are The 99 Percent

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