Pasadena City College Board of Trustees Meeting: February 20, 2019

Pasadena City College Board of Trustees
Educational Activities
A. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL AND PUBLIC COMMENT ON CLOSED SESSION AGENDA ITEMS (6:00 pm) B. CLOSED SESSION 1. Government Code § 54957: Public Employee Appointment [Dean, Performing and Communication Arts] 2. Government Code § 54956.9(a): Conference with Legal Counsel regarding Existing Workers’ Compensation Litigation, Name of case: Manuel Rendon v. Pasadena Area Community College District, et al. Case No. ADJ8567925, ADJ8567935 3. Government Code § 54957: Evaluation of Employee (Superintendent-President) C. OPEN SESSION (7:00 pm) 1. ROLL CALL 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. APPROVAL/REORDERING OF AGENDA ITEMS 4. INTRODUCTIONS AND RECOGNITIONS 5. PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS 6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Regular Business Meeting No. 8, January 16, 2019 7. CERTIFICATION OF SIGNATURES D. CONSENT ITEMS - STUDENTS (S) 1. APPROVAL OF 'S' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Amend Consent Item D.8. October 17, 2018 "Approve Leadership Retreat for High School Senior Participants of Pasadena Unified School District and El Monte Unified School District TRIO Program" 3. Approval of Student Travel-Chemistry Club E. CONSENT ITEMS - INSTRUCTION (I) 1. APPROVAL OF 'I' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Approve Instructional Trip for BUILD PODER Grant Experimental Biology Conference 3. Approve instructional trip for Marching Percussion Ensemble Competition in Las Vegas, NV 4. Approve Instructional Trip to the ACS National Conference for Chemistry Students and Faculty F. CONSENT ITEMS - BUSINESS (B) 1. APPROVAL OF 'B' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Amend Consent Item F.2., approved July 18, 2018 - Approval of Organizations for Membership, 2018-2019 Fiscal Year 3. Spring 2019 Budget Retreat 4. Authorize the Rejection of RFP 18019 for Educational Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan Preparation Services and the Re-solicitation of Proposals for Facilities Master Plan Preparation Services. 5. Reporting and Approval of Self-Insurance Fund Reimbursement, Worker’s Compensation 6. Approve Budget Augmentation - Scheduled Maintenance 7. Approve Budget Augmentation - Small Business Development Center 8. Approve Budget Augmentation - Gig Economy Project 9. Receive and Reject Claim: Ani Abcarians 10. Approve Piggybackable Contracts 11. Approve/Ratify Purchasing Transactions 12. Approve/Ratify Information Technology Purchasing Transactions 13. Approve/Ratify Professional Conference Attendance 14. Authorize Award: Contract No. C190008 to R2BUILD dba R2B Engineering, for formal Bid No. 1004 “LL Building Fountain Removal and Deck Waterproofing" 15. Ratify Amendment No. 01 to Contract No. CCTR-8111, with the California Department of Education for the General Childcare and Development Programs 16. Authorization to Solicit Bids for: Smart Room Refresh (13 Instructional Spaces). 17. Authorization to Dispose of Surplus Equipment 18. Approve/Ratify Contracts 19. Approve Change Order No. 8 to Construction Contract No. C180011, with 1st California Construction, Inc. 20. Notice of Completion for 1st California Construction, Inc., Contract Number C180011 (Geology Lab / E-building Basement and Restroom Upgrade Project) G. CONSENT ITEMS - PERSONNEL (P) 1. APPROVAL OF 'P' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Employment, Changes of Status and Separations 3. Approve/Ratify Additional Compensation for Academic Personnel 4. Salary Compensation Factors-Large Group Instruction 5. Authorization to Reimburse Applicants H. ACTION ITEMS RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL 1. AUTHORIZATION TO TRANSMIT SECOND QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATUS REPORT 2. APPROVE 2019-2020 NON-RESIDENT TUITION FEE, EDUCATION CODE SECTION 76141 3. RECEIVE THE INITIAL SUNSHINE PROPOSAL FOR NEGOTIATIONS FOR THE SUCCESSOR AGREEMENT FOR 2019 - 2020 ACADEMIC YEAR FROM THE PASADENA CITY COLLEGE FACULTY ASSOCIATION TO THE PASADENA AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT 4. APPROVAL OF ADDITION TO THE CREDIT CURRICULUM I. INFORMATION ITEMS 1. SUPERINTENDENT-PRESIDENT'S REPORT J. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. ANNOUNCEMENTS BY SHARED GOVERNANCE REPRESENTATIVES AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2. PROPOSED FUTURE BOARD BUSINESS MEETING DATES 3. PROPOSED FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS K. ADJOURNMENT 1. ADJOURN MEETING

PCC Board of Trustees Meeting: Feb. 20, 2019

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