Pasadena City College Board of Trustees Meeting: March 20, 2019

Pasadena City College Board of Trustees
Educational Activities
A. CALL TO ORDER, ROLL CALL AND PUBLIC COMMENT ON CLOSED SESSION AGENDA ITEMS (6:00 pm) B. CLOSED SESSION 1. Government Code § 54957: Evaluation of Employee (Superintendent-President) 2. Government Code § 54957: Employee Discipline, Dismissal, Release (one employee) 3. Government Code § 54957.6(a): Conference with Labor Negotiators, Agency Designated Representative: Robert S. Blizinski, Vice President, Human Resources; Employee Organization: Faculty 4. Government Code § 54957: Public Employee Appointment (Manager, Maintenance and Operations) C. OPEN SESSION (7:00 pm) 1. ROLL CALL 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. APPROVAL/REORDERING OF AGENDA ITEMS 4. INTRODUCTIONS AND RECOGNITIONS 5. PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS 6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Regular Business Meeting No. 11, February 20, 2019 7. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Special Meeting No. 12, March 11, 2019 D. CONSENT ITEMS - STUDENTS (S) 1. APPROVAL OF 'S' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Approval of Upward Bound Summer Program Northern California University Tours 3. Upward Bound Program – California State University (CSU) Fullerton Summer Residential Component 4. Approve Lobby Fund Committee 5. EOP&S/CARE and Foster Youth Programs Awards Dinner 6. Student Travel for Puente Project students: Northern California Colleges/Universities 7. Approve Student Travel-Cross Cultural Center Retreat 8. REVISED: Student Travel for EOPS NextUp: East Coast University Tour E. CONSENT ITEMS - INSTRUCTION (I) 1. APPROVAL OF 'I' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Approve/Ratify Extension Independent Contractors/Instructors 3. Approve Instructional Trip for Geology 30J and Geology 30K Field Studies 4. Approve Instructional Trip for the Chamber Singers Spring Tour F. CONSENT ITEMS - BUSINESS (B) 1. APPROVAL OF 'B' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Amend Consent Item F.2., approved July 18, 2018 - Approval of Organizations for Membership, 2018-2019 Fiscal Year 3. Approve Naming of the Career and Completion Center in the Industrial Technologies (IT) Building 4. Authorization to Ratify and Accept Non-Cash Gifts 5. Approve Budget Augmentation - Strong Workforce Program Regional 6. Approve Budget Augmentation - Disabled Student Programs & Services 7. Approve Budget Augmentation - Student Success Completion 8. Approve Budget Augmentation - Veterans Resource Center 9. Approve Budget Augmentation - Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support 10. Approve Budget Augmentation - Basic Skills - Student Equity & Achievement 11. Approve Budget Augmentation - Go Biz - Technical Assistance Expansion Program 12. Approve Budget Augmentation - Financial Aid Technology 13. Reporting and Approval of Self-Insurance Fund Reimbursement, Worker's Compensation 14. Reporting and Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement 15. Approve/Ratify Professional Conference Attendance 16. Notice of Completion for Western States Fire Protection Company, Contract No. B190097 17. Approve Piggybackable Contracts 18. Authorize Award: Contract No. B190297 to Pacific Coast Elevator Corporation, DBA Amtech Elevator Service, for RFP No. 1008R “District-Wide Elevator Maintenance and Repair" 19. Authorization to Dispose of Surplus Equipment 20. Authorize Award: Contract No. C190010 to; Emcor/Mesa Energy Systems, Inc., for Bid 1019 "Replacement of HVAC Controls for "GM" and "E" Buildings." 21. Approve/Ratify Contracts 22. Amend Consent Item F.10 Authorize Award of Contract No. C180014 to; JR Universal Construction, Inc., Bid 998 for “E” Building Exterior Windows Retrofit. 23. Authorize the Rejection of Bid No. 989R, Print Making R-520 / R-523. 24. Approve/Ratify Purchasing Transactions 25. Approve/Ratify Purchasing IT Transactions 26. Authorization to Solicit Statements of Qualifications to Pre-qualify and Short List Firms for Project Management Services 27. Authorization to Solicit Statements of Qualifications to Pre-qualify and Short List Firms for DSA Project Inspection Services 28. Accept Grant Award, Promise Scholars Program (PSP) Replication 29. Accept Grant Award, Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Students Reentry Program G. CONSENT ITEMS - PERSONNEL (P) 1. APPROVAL OF 'P' CONSENT ITEMS 2. Employment, Changes of Status and Separations 3. Approve/Ratify Additional Compensation for Academic Personnel 4. Salary Compensation Factors-Large Group Instruction 5. Approval of Request for Reduced Teaching Service With Full STRS Credit 6. Recommendation to Employ Faculty Under Second Contract -- 2019-2020 7. Recommendation to Employ Faculty Under Third Contract -- 2019-2020 8. Recommendation to Grant Tenure -- 2019-2020 H. ACTION ITEMS RECOMMENDED FOR APPROVAL 1. BP 1200 COLLEGE MISSION 2. RECEIVE THE INITIAL SUNSHINE PROPOSAL FOR THE 2019-2020 ACADEMIC YEAR FROM THE PASADENA AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT TO THE PASADENA CITY COLLEGE FACULTY ASSOCIATION 3. APPROVAL OF MODIFICATIONS TO THE CREDIT CURRICULUM 4. ADOPT RESOLUTION No. 599 - IN RECOGNITION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH 5. ADOPT RESOLUTION No. 600 - IN RECOGNITION OF CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE MONTH 6. ADOPT RESOLUTION No. 601 - IN COMMEMORATION OF THE 104th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, APRIL 2019 I. INFORMATION ITEMS 1. DUAL ENROLLMENT MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITH LA CANADA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT 2. STUDY SESSION - VISION FOR SUCCESS: Local Goal Alignment 3. SUPERINTENDENT-PRESIDENT'S REPORT J. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. ANNOUNCEMENTS BY SHARED GOVERNANCE REPRESENTATIVES AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2. PROPOSED FUTURE BOARD BUSINESS MEETING DATES 3. PROPOSED FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS K. ADJOURNMENT 1. ADJOURN MEETING

PCC Board of Trustees Meeting: March 20, 2019

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